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Sporting Activities

5-a-side Football.jpg

We run football on the Astroturf at Ringwood Recreation Centre on Tuesday nights 8-9.30pm.
Just turn up and play. Cost is £4 per person. Age 18+ 

About 10-25 people from church and wider community enjoy playing each week and we play a mini-tournament by forming 3 or 4 teams on the night.

We also try and play an 11-a-side match with Moorlands College each year and currently hold the trophy!

The next game is...

Life Discovery Logo

We have an annual trip to Life Discovery to spend a day on Quadbikes, Mud-buggies, Go-karts, Polaris etc and give people space to think about the meaning of life.

People usually donate £40 to attend but subsidies are available. 


If you’re interested in attending please register your interest using the form below.

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