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All the courses below are free, and some of them include a free meal.


Alpha is a series of 6 or 12 sessions about the meaning of life, and where you can explore life's big questions and the Christian faith in an open-minded and welcoming environment.

Each session includes food (unless online), a short talk and a time of discussion where you can share your thoughts about what you've heard.

Christianity Explored

Christianity Explored is a seven-session course that gives people the time and space to think about the big questions of life and to explore the life of the man at the heart of the Christian faith.

As they explore Mark's Gospel, people find out who Jesus is, why he came and what it means to follow him. 

Hope Explored

Hope Explored looks at the life, death and resurrection of Jesus in Luke’s Gospel, this three-session series shows that Christianity is about real hope: a joyful expectation for the future, based on true events in the past, which changes everything about my present.

The Wellbeing Journey

The Wellbeing Journey is a new 8-part video series exploring holistic wellness: body, mind and spirit. It’s based around seven key areas of wellbeing – the wellbeing mindset, physical, emotional, spiritual, relational, financial and vocational – to help you discover how to run on a full tank. The videos are presented by Simon Thomas (Prime Video Sport/ Sky Sports/ Blue Peter) and Joanna Adeyinka-Burford (BBC, Channel 5, Nickelodeon), with contributions from leading experts in different fields.

Star Life Course

The STAR Life Course is a free 12 week online course, supporting people with any addictive habit or behaviour.


The CAP Money Course is a free course that will teach you budgeting skills and a simple, cash-based system that works. In just a few weeks, you will get to grips with your finances so you can budget, save and prevent debt.