Week Three (A): I Am In Control?


Tim Chester quotes a friend who was struggling with burn out. The friend reflected: ‘I thought I could do everything’, ‘I could take on anything and make it happen just by working hard.’ Tim says:

One of the features of the modern age is its attempt to control nature. Many benefits have come from this... Modern culture has the same attitude towards time. Time has become something to manage. The promise is this: you can be in control of your life.[1]

Meditation - Resting

1. READ Psalm 127

2. Focus, by reading several times, verse 1 in Psalm 127. And then read once more!!!

3. Then focus on verse 2 for a few moments more. What does it say to you?

4. The focus for the intended readers/hearers of the Psalm is timeless; it reminded the pilgrims travelling to Jerusalem that all of life’s blessings are gifts from God rather than in achievements. The truth is timeless.

5. A few questions to consider:

  1. What are you ‘building’?

  2. Do you think success is simply a question of effort?

  3. Do you think problems can be solved by working harder?

6. Re-read verse 1 and 2 again. Pray about your time.

7. Verse 2 is a ‘gift’ for a teenager! We often joke about the teenagers who sleep for hours, who struggle to get up and be ready for school or college. I guess we know (or have known) work colleagues who continue to offer ‘so sorry I'm late’. Yet, sleep is a gift from God (v.2)[2] and the verse provides a wonderful picture: ‘while we sleep secure in God’s sovereign care, he is at work on our behalf providing for our needs.’[3]

8. READ verses 3-5. What is the connection here with the first half of the Psalm?[4]

  1. Children are a gift from God and the Psalm refers to the context of inheritance; inheritance (of the land) would be lost without children.

  2. Consider your future... What is the source of your security for the future? Are (or did) you over-working to obtain a secure future?

9. PRAY about your future.

Space for reflection - are there areas of need or changes one should pray about?

Consider the areas of life where ‘I am’ in control with the times where the ‘I AM’ is in control.


[1] Chester, T., The Busy Christians Guide (112)

[2] See Pr 10:22; Mt 6:25-34; 1Pe 5:7

[3] Chester, T., The Busy Christians Guide (124)

[4] Consider the culture of the time. Children provided security for the future. They would provide for you in old age and offer legal protection.

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