Month of Prayer 2019

MoP 2019 Introduction

Prayer is at the heart of all believers and we believe that we are called to pray persistently, with passion and in recognition of the power that our prayers can have – prayer is a privilege which we must live out in our lives! We recognise that prayer requires discipline and can take on many forms – we can pray in silence, with others in groups, through creative and artistic means in our homes, work places, cars and at the chapel! With these aspects in mind we have tried to create a ‘programme of praying’ for the month of January – this is not with the express aim of praying only in January but of helping us all to ‘run a prayer race’ throughout the rest of the year and beyond. Simply, we aim to pray!

The MoP 2019 Theme

During this training and exploring period of January 2019 we would love you to join us in studying our over-arching theme: Too Busy to Pray. The theme has been built around an interesting book by Tim Chester The Busy Christian's Guide to Busyness which explores the rhythm of Bible reading and prayer in today’s modern world – the book encourages us to think and engage with the ways we cope with busyness and how Bible reading and prayer are not optional extras for modern day living. It asks us the question: how do I fit it all in? Thus, the aim of the study, throughout the MoP, is to develop our prayer life within the busyness of work, rest, play and retirement!


There is a prayer/small group guide available for this period. It will contain a study for each week of the prayer month. The Sunday teaching programme (am) will open up the theme and the study will aim to enable you, and your study group, to engage further in discussion with the theme. These studies will be used in Home Groups, a MoP Small Group (during the day in various homes - coloured ‘yellow’ on the timetable) and referred to in the larger
meetings (coloured ‘pink’). The materials could be used to start a small group that runs for the month of January OR why not agree to meet with one or two others at a time that suits you.

The Book

The Busy Christians Guide to Busyness is the title of Tim Chester’s book – it is an easy read but is not necessary to take part in the MoP. However, it may help you explore the theme in greater depth should you wish to do so! We will be making an order for books in December so please place an order with the Church office should you require a book.

2019 Month of Prayer timetable

MofP 2019 Timetable v2.jpg

2019 Month of Prayer EVENTS


Thursday 3rd Jan

Searching the scriptures as a source of our prayers: -

6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm, 10pm and 11pm.

Prayer Space

Monday 7th Jan

Allowing space for quiet reflective prayer at: -

7.30am, 9.30am, 11.30am, 1.30pm, 3.30pm and 5.30pm.


Tuesday 15th Jan

Worship and prayer for one another from: -

7.30 - 8.30pm


Wednesday 23rd Jan

Exploring creative ways to pray from: -

7am - 7pm

Youth & Families

Friday's in the Thatch

Exploring creative ways to pray for the first time on: -


11.30am - 12.30pm,

2.30pm - 4.30pm.


6pm - 7pm.


2019 Month of Prayer DOWNLOADS

Study Guide

Download the PDF Month of Prayer Study Guide to use during our Month of Prayer 2019.

Prayer Timetable

Download the PDF

Timetable for see our

program for the Month

of Prayer 2019.