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As we continue on the path out of lockdown, and as restrictions continue to ease, most activities are now taking place back in the church building. However, for those not able, or ready to return we will continue to send out the Bible Time lessons each month. These can be completed each week by those attending a group on a Sunday, or as an extra study in the week in addition to the Sunday groups. 


If you have any questions, or would like to start receiving the Bible Time lessons please contact Karl Haywood or the Church Office on 01425 473388.

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Ignite & Illumin8 (School Years R to 6)

This month we will be looking at the life of Peter each week as follows: -

  • Story 1 (11th July) - Peter tells people about Jesus

  • Story 2 (18th July) - Peter heals a lame man

  • Story 3 (25th July) - Peter in prison

  • Story 4 (1st August) - Peter is set free

This Sunday: Story 4: Peter is set free

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GenR8 (School Years 7 to 10)

This month we will be looking at the life of Jacob each week as follows: -

  • Story 1 (11th July) - The deceiver

  • Story 2 (18th July) - The dreamer

  • Story 3 (25th July) - The disappointment

  • Story 4 (1st August) - The discovery

This Sunday: Story 4: The discovery

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Other Bible Time Lessons

Bible Time lessons are also available for Pre-School children, and young people age 14+. These can be obtained by contacting either Karl, or Sarah in the Office on 01425 473388.