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The Summer is a time when we would normally take young people to Summer Camps such as SW Spree and DTI (Dreaming the Impossible), but like many other events, they have had to be cancelled. But the good news is, they're going online and we've planned 3 Camps in 1 that we've called Audacious Life...

Luminosity Live Stream (30 July - 3 Aug
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What's On?

From the 30th July - 9th August there is an exciting programme of activities that you would expect if attending one of these summer camps; including fun games and challenges, after hour parties and talent shows, seminars and workshops, great speakers, interviews, and live worship. Not to mention our very own chill and chat times, activities and games, both on Zoom and live in the church car park!

Here is a summary of each day: -

23 July 2020   Audacious Life        7pm - 8pm           Poulner Baptist Chapel

30 July 2020   We are Luminosity  4pm - 10pm         PBC / YouTube / Zoom

31 July 2020   DTI                          4pm - 11pm         PBC / Instagram Live / Zoom

  1 Aug 2020   DTI                         11.45am - 11pm   Instagram Live / Zoom

  2 Aug 2020   We are Luminosity  8.45am - 10pm    PBC / YouTube / Zoom

  3 Aug 2020   We are Luminosity  8.45am - 1pm      YouTube / Zoom

  5 Aug 2020   Audacious Live       3.30pm - 5pm      Poulner Baptist Chapel

  7 Aug 2020   Limitless Festival    6.30pm - 10pm    Facebook / YouTube / Zoom

  8 Aug 2020   Limitless Festival    9.45am - 10pm    Facebook / YouTube / Zoom

  9 Aug 2020   Audacious Finish    4pm - 5.30pm      Poulner Baptist Chapel

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For up to date news as it happens follow us at audaciouslifeatpbc on Facebook and Instagram. 

How do I join in?
Book your free places at: -



For daily updates follow us on: -

Poulner Baptist Chapel activities will take place either at the church or on Zoom

All other activities are provided online by We Are Luminosity, Dreaming The Impossible, and the Limitless Festival. To see where to watch or join in activities look in your program, and the icon next to the event...


Links to Zoom and other content will be sent each day.

We really hope you can join us for Audacious Life!!!

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