What is Alpha?

alpha_bike.jpgAlpha is a popular and practical introduction to the Christian faith. Everyone is welcome.

Learning and laughter. It is possible to learn about Christianity and enjoy the experience.

Pasta and pudding. Eating a meal together gives people an opportunity to get to know others.

Hearing what other people think about life and helping one another to make sense of it all.

Asking any questions you want. No question is considered too simple or too hostile!!

What people have said about Alpha

"A place where I was able to wake up to the truth about God."
"I had a chance to ask about things that puzzled me about Christianity."
"Alpha... a clear way into the Christian faith for a wide variety of people."

Who is Alpha for?

  • People interested in investigating Christianity.
  • New Christians.
  • Newcomers to the church.
  • Those who want to 'brush up' on the basics.

How does Alpha work?

  • Each evening begins with an informal meal at 7pm.
  • Following the meal we listen to a talk.
  • We then divide into smaller groups, to discuss any issues or questions people have, get to know one another and learn together.
  • We aim to finish the evening by 9.30pm.

To find out when Alpha is next running, please contact the church office

You can also find out more at alpha.org